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BLS Hafnia Caps

One of the most iconic and recognizable features of BLS Hafnia is the classic Baseball Cap, with the classic BLS logo embroidered on the front. Our Classic Baseball Cap was the first product included in the BLS Essential Collection, and has since been a permanent fixture in our product range.

BLS Cap - An everyday classic

Since then, we have also got a multitude of different types of caps, with different designs that suit exactly the look you are after. We have everything from classic dad caps and panel caps to boonie hats and trucker caps, each with different designs.

The wide assortment

The caps' versatility means that you cannot avoid finding the right cap for you. They are sure to give your outfit some extra edge, and with their strong and durable material, you don't compromise on quality either.

BLS Hafnia – we see potential in the simple

The story behind BLS Hafnia began as a rebellion against the existing fashion industry with the desire to show the world that fashion and trends are not only dictated by the industry, but also by the street generation. BLS represents the new movement of giving youth a voice and celebrating diversity and different thinking. We do everything with a mission to dress individuals who dare to be true to themselves.

Stay updated on new styles from BLS Hafnia

It must be easy, simple and uncomplicated to stay up to date on the latest drops at BLS Hafnia. Keep an eye on our news, where you can always see the latest additions to our collections.

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