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BLS Hafnia pants

Are you looking for a new pair of streetwear pants? A careful selection of pants is the key to a complete wardrobe. At BLS, it is our driving force to design and produce pants in different fits and fabrics.

On this page you can explore our exclusive selection of streetwear pants, which includes chinos, cargo and sweatpants. The brand stems from a drive to design and produce timeless items. Common to our selection of pants is a design that offers complete details.

Streetwear pants from BLS

BLS Hafnia began as an attempt to challenge the big fashion houses by creating a connection with young individuals and their understanding of fashion. Today, we have a brand that combines comfort and durability in streetwear, suitable for any event.

All of our pants can be paired with BLS sweatshirts and shirts to upgrade your entire fit. Or you can make a statement by teaming with one of our graphic t-shirts. Regardless of whether you are looking for pants for everyday use or relaxation, the range contains items in luxurious versions, all of which bear the stamp of a minimalist aesthetic.

Iconic pants for men

Our range of pants is carefully selected so that it consists of seasonal and timeless items that make up the ultimate streetwear wardrobe. Our logo is prominent to a degree on all styles, where different designs are explored and played with. Essential Logo Sweatpants and Douglas Pants are must-haves if you are into a casual streetwear style. Other pants such as the Moltisanti Chinos are equipped with a baggy fit and can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe.

Are you also absolutely crazy about tracksuits? Then take a look at the Tompkins Pants and Essential Logo Sweatpants, both of which have a matching upper. We have collected the selection of the classic streetwear uniform here .

BLS Hafnia – we see potential in the simple

BLS Hafnia today has the status of a recognized brand. We have achieved that status by giving the youth a voice in Danish fashion by seeing potential in the simple and representing the new movement.

What was initially a provocation turned into a respect for the craft of design. Our entire brand identity exists to celebrate diversity and a different way of thinking, so we can dress those who dare to be true to themselves.

Stay updated on new styles from BLS Hafnia

It should be easy, simple and uncomplicated to keep up to date on the fresh drops at BLS Hafnia. Keep an eye on our news, where you can always see the latest additions to our collections.

You can also join our Members Club, which gives you unique benefits and discounts, as well as early access to sales and releases.

Explore BLS pants and find your next pair. Are you a fan of the street and minimalist style that the brand represents? Then also take a look at our exclusive selection of jeans and hoodies .