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Behind the scenes: SS23 Members Club Collection

Besnik and Adam were filled with excitement as they met at the BLS Hafnia headquarters on a Friday afternoon in central Copenhagen. They were there to brainstorm ideas for the new spring/summer 23 campaign, and their goal was nothing less than ambitious - to get permission to shoot the SS23 campaign at the Danish Versailles, the luxurious residence of marketing mogul Peter Wibroe. 

Two years ago, Besnik had been introduced to a place like no other, a true hidden gem in the cold north called Exillion, Peter Wibroe's private garden. When Adam saw the garden, he was captivated and determined to make it the photo location for their campaign. He contacted Peter's daughter to inquire about this unique opportunity. However, before this idea could even be considered, Adam and Besnik had to submit various private and business information to "prove their worth" to Mr. Wibroe. 

After submitting the necessary information, they waited nervously for a response. Finally, they were invited to visit the palace on June 4, 2022, along with others in the media industry. Adam and Besnik were particularly excited about the opportunity and quickly accepted. When they arrived at the palace, they were met with a breathtaking sight and were deeply fascinated by the residence. Ideas and thoughts flooded into Adam and Besnik's heads as they were strongly inspired by the surroundings and the potentials for the SS23 photoshoot. During the same visit, they also got the privilege of smoking inside the palace, which is rarely allowed. 

Their hard work and enthusiasm paid off when Peter approved the request to use his palace for photography. It was a dream come true for Adam and Besnik, and an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the new collection in surroundings that resemble a true Member's Club-style. They both had a hard time waiting to make their vision and ideas a reality in the magnificent Exillion.


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