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Alpine Field Equipment, tested in the desert of Dubai

Douglas Machame, from the Machame Institute, is a Lifestyle, Mentorship, Physical & Mental Coach and a close friend of the boys at BLS Hafnia. Douglas has been in and around the brand since it was founded in 2011 and has witnessed the development that BLS Hafnia has gone through since the first t-shirt was available for purchase. 

The development has meant, among other things, that we have started making more technical products where you don't have to compromise on style and functionality.

Our Alpine products are a testament to this, which shows how products can have functional attributes and stylish designs.

Douglas is particularly active and knows more than anyone else what works and what doesn't. Therefore, it was in the cards for him to experience the development firsthand and test some of our technical products. Douglas has recently been in Dubai, where he tried the functionality of the following items: Alpine TracksuitAlpine Sports ShortsAuthentic Cap, and Authentic T-shirt.

We had the opportunity to ask Douglas about his experience with the products to gain a deeper insight into the attributes that the products possess seen from the wearers point of view.


You were in Dubai and got to test some of BLS's technical products; what was your first impression of the products?

Dubai was amazing, and so were the products. All products were used, both for training, but also for outdoor adventures where we were active.

I also love the choice of colors! The look is great. It looks technical and seems functional. The color combination makes it play, especially when surrounded by neutral earth tones.

Is there anything you attach particular importance to when looking for sportswear?
Fit and quality are top priorities.

When I'm looking for new workout clothes, what catches my eye are minimalistic and muted tones, often matte colors, although now and then, I can wear some eye-catching colors - there has to be a balance. The color combination should be simple so that it doesn’t make too much noise.

In addition, since I am also a personal trainer and coach, it is important for me to have some clothes where I can relax but still be ready for the challenges of an active job.

What was your experience with the functionality of the various products? Was there anything you were particularly aware of?
The functionality was perfect. There was plenty of mobility, the clothes fit well, and the material was light and breathable, which made it perfect for me to bring to warm surroundings in Dubai.

Also, as I can easily get quite geeky with details, it quickly caught my eye that there is a pocket for the phone, which is cool and practical, and the nice ventilation channels on the pants are saucy little detail.

BLS has focused on, among other things, creating some breathable, light, and durable technical products. Is this something you felt was the case when you tested the products?
Certainly, as I said earlier, I am very happy with my experience with the product. They meet both the technical and physical criteria. 

Are our technical products something you should look into if you are looking for sportswear?
For me, sportswear = everyday wear and has been since I was a child. Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between the two, as I feel that sportswear gives me the freedom to move without any second thought. So it is a big yes from me.

Should BLS make more technical products?

Do fish need water!?

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